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Receive 1:1 personalized guidance on how to build a profitable investment portfolio that funds your goals so you can live your B.E.S.T life

What you'll get:

  • Receive 1:1 personalized guidance on how to build a profitable investment portfolio this includes:
    • Retirement planning
    • Asset allocation
    • Portfolio building
    • Purchasing investments
    • Rollover of current investments
  • 45 days Voxer access for direct communication
  • Access to Investing Foundation
  • Access to Modules 1-4
  • Access to the SMD GAME PLAN (spreadsheet)
  • Cheatsheet and worksheets
  • Student-run private community 
  • Bonus #1: Cashflow Queen
  • Bonus #2: Pay off my dime


At the end of this program, you will have:

✔ Created a plan to front-load your investments so you don't have to worry about retirement for the next 30+ years.

✔ A profitable investment strategy tailored to your goals, so you don't have to wait until you're 65 to start enjoying your life.

✔ A plan to pay off debt while investing, so you can become debt-free without delaying wealth.

✔ Purchased your first investment and be one step closer to becoming set for life.


What People Are Saying:

The course is truly complete: once you follow this course, there is no need to follow any other. The resources are amazing!


This course is really all you need to get your finances, investing and retirement together because it literally has everything you need to be successful. I appreciate the course and am happy that I bought it because it will pay dividends figuratively and literally.


I quit my part-time job, paid off $20,000 of debt in 1 year, and went on my first vacation without getting into debt. I don't regret the amount I invested in this course. It's nothing compared to what I'm earning in terms of knowledge, security and peace of mind. Thank you for the community you created; it's been impactful and literally life-changing.