Hi, I'm Eduek Brooks!


I have a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering and a Product Engineer for an autonomous driving tech company.


I'm the Founder of Two Sides of a Dime, a platform dedicated to making personal finance accessible, relatable and doable.


I'm passionate about teaching and equipping womxn with the right tools they need to build wealth in a way that is painless, easy to understand and seamless to implement. 


My Story


As an immigrant to Canada, I struggled to find information about personal finance that was relatable and effective. As a nerd who loves to read, I had no problem reading books. I read a ton of books but there was one common theme with these books, they were filled with too much jargon, made me feel guilty about my money choices and they did not offer any clear strategy on how to move forward. I had all the theoretical knowledge but I still couldn’t figure out how to use that information to create a plan that really worked for me or even made sense.




I spent years poring over books, articles, newsletters and podcasts trying to glue all the pieces to finally create a plan that worked for me. This is the plan I used to pay off $47,000 of debt and build an investment portfolio that has me on track to retire in my 40's. 


I made some mistakes along the way, found the strategies that worked and the ones that sucked. I put in all the work into this workshop, so that you no longer have to hustle for the right information and waste months and years trying to figure out the right strategy when you could already be making returns on your money.


Join me as we journey together towards STACKING that DIME!


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